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Edit Cilent Version In BomBusMod

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nimbuzz-iranian Edit Cilent Version In BomBusMod

Post  *~d!str()y3r~b()()$~* on Tue Sep 18, 2012 8:13 am

Well first of all should I do with computers, for example, you first select a BmbvsDgsby its the best after you open multiple programs with winrar folder opens when you open the folder you META-INF

Then when you're a file folder with the name MANIFEST so that MF File is Yadtvn file is run first notepad Please,
when you open a list containing the name of the program and it did

there is an option to the letter MIDlet-Name For example,

when you want it to change the name softedite STAR TEAM The main options that you do not die edit cilent version The call option Bombus-Build There, the written text of Bombus-Build, Type the desired text and delete it, I've typed it view Winrar If you get close and press Yes to save the text I wrote in the Bombus
Now winrar Close and Digsby Shade the side of it client I would not write something that I will not name the program


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